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Original Medicine


Organizing translocal communal land ownership and stewardship to generate sovereignty for our food and land insecure communities.


Original Medicine is our cooperative stewarding of communal lands, forming a land-based coalition of stewardship sovereignty, collective security and structured nourishment that abolishes economic and ecological insecurity.Securing the critical resource of communal land ownership held in trust empowers our food and land insecure communities to generate sovereignty through: 

Regenerative Land Stewardship
Democratized animal husbandry and organic farming and forestry culture development

Nature-based Survival Skills
Using food as medicine, rainwater harvesting, herbal healing, and sustainable hunting practices

Permaculture Construction
Constructing earthen sheltering and off-grid solar, wind, and water power systems’ development

Grassroots Organizing

Labor and resistance history, community healing training, and decolonized communal accountability 

Passion-based Mastery
Residential creative development using natural materials and spiritual exploration, among many others

Original Medicine is organized with working class communities chronically impacted by systemic structural and cultural oppression contextualized by housing insecure, economically insecure, queer, and neuroauthentic experiences.  Intersecting regenerative land-based cultural practices and urban organizing tactics restores foundational relationships with a more profound decolonizing impact than traditional survival programs or isolated local organizing.

Collectively owning and stewarding land through this holistic, intercultural framework integrates original knowledge, human harmony, and ecosystems-based approaches, honoring our collective indigenous ancestry while appropriately integrating relevant modern scientific insight.  

Tangible Support Requests:

Shared Common Spaces – for grassroots organizers to utilize our economic, physical, political, psychological, and social power together

Skill & Knowledge exchanges – translocal workshops, immersive education hosting, land-based residencies, work exchanges

Legal guidance – Land Trust administration, cooperative membership benefits, etc

Accounting services – Annual Taxes, quarterly accounting, etc

Grant acquisition support – sourcing vetting, writing, editing, etc 

Solidarity Networks – Guidance & support through supply chain scarcity, discriminatory zoning and taxation, criminalized wellness, and violent oppression of grassroots liberation organizing 

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