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Stolen Lands Collective of WRC


We organize to take community ownership of the land and join worldwide demand for land sovereignty by the people without pretense.


We organize to take community ownership of the land: to heal it and be healed, to provide quality food, water, and shelter for our people, and join the worldwide demand for land sovereignty by the people without pretense. 

We struggle against the ongoing imperialistic theft & destruction of our land for private profit at the cost of the natural resources and our indigenous relationships.

Food Sovereignty Union

We unionize landless farmers, housing & food insecure neighbors surrounding community fridges and labor unions around regenerative systems of food as care. Together we organize towards community owned production, distribution and consumption of nutritious, organic local food through democratic self determination.

Double Trellis Food Initiative provides prepared meals and grocery distribution for marginalized and housing insecure communities in Philadelphia. We fundraise to support:
  •  Coordinating and transporting Double Trellis' chef made meals to mutual aid communities, community fridges, and hungry people in public. 
Sharing no-cost produce, meats and groceries out of the Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Space (LAVA) Mondays and Thursdays at 3pm. We fundraise to support:
  • Refrigeration
  • LAVA building utilities
  • Ronnie Vega Community Fridge maintenance
  •  LAVA building repairs - Kitchen and Back Wall

We reclaim and organize local centers of community passion, transmuting our collective anger from the continuous lack of support from our government and exploitation of working class people into public space that gives local workers agency in developing community security, accessing nourishment fit for human life without obstacles, and being a loved part of something larger than the self. We fundraise to secure properties to serve the common good:
  •  The People's Grocery - regionally sourced, collectively managed self-serve food growth, storage & preservation centers nourishing local food, water and health sovereignty and security by providing local foods, spice libraries, and cultural development of relationships with food sources.

  • The People's Kitchen - de-colonized food preparation centers nourishing cultural and social engagement by providing access to group meal preparation, social meals, appliance libraries, educational programming, mutual aid meal delivery

  • The People's Studios - passion centers nourishing passion based production and spiritual actualization by providing common equipment, supplies, displays, and passion shares involved in the many forms of creative making.

  • The People's Wellness Centers -  wellness management centers nourishing radical love and collective care practices by providing holistic, de-institutionalized, community-delivered healing processes. 

We fundraise to support our ability to grow, raise, harvest and eat together without the pretenses of profit driven consumerism:
  • Transportation of goods between rural and urban members
  • Feed, infrastructure and processing of meat animals
  • Growing and Storage infrastructure
  • Regional produce, meat & dairy 
  • Plant starters, seeds, compost, mulch & growing supplies


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Food Sovereignty Solidarity

Join the worldwide demand for land sovereignty by the people without pretense by contributing to community powned food infrastructure and network b... Read more

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