Open Collective
Open Collective

Our House


A WRC Healing space making quality, humanized homes a reality for members.


Our land-insecure members are establishing quality, humanized homes.

We organize to take community ownership of the land: to heal it and be healed, to provide quality food, water, and shelter for our people, and demand sovereignty by the people without pretense. 

Community land ownership
Acquiring land and permanently entrusting it to our community through the Stolen Lands Trust, expanding community organizing through housing security.

To heal & be healed

Unionized, community owned, cooperatively organized food, shelter & supportive spaces through agreements that are respectful, financially non-exploitative, holistic care-oriented.

Sovereignty without pretense
Cooperative land stewardship opportunities, housing justice; and the holistic connections to land-based culture and opportunities for interdependent self mastery.

We are seeking support of $300,000
For questions and non-monetary contributions, email [email protected]

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