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SuiteCRM is the award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application brought to you by authors and maintainers, SalesAgility. It is the world’s most popular open source CRM solution with over 1 million downloads and an estimated 4.5 million users worldwide. 
The open source format of SuiteCRM means that users can scale the application and customize it’s many modules and features to meet their specific business needs. SuiteCRM suits any business size, requirement, or industry. It can be hosted on-premise, as a Software as a Service solution or in a business’s own private cloud, allowing businesses to maintain GDPR compliance, whilst remaining in full control of their own data.
Through SuiteCRM users can create business process models and design flexible, automated workflows that can be triggered to run at any time. Users can also model sales pipelines and create templated customer quotes, control pricing strategies, maintain contract renewals and track lead progress- all from one place. SuiteCRM provides users with actionable insights into customer behaviour, leads, accounts, and more. Making it easy for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments to discover key information that will help a business to grow, retain, and delight their customers.
If you are interested in learning more about CRM technology and why you need it, then check out our resources. 
Keen to start your SuiteCRM journey today? You can download our latest release at We also have a fantastic and supportive community, so if you have any questions, they’re always happy to help - you can find them at
You’ll can also find us on Github at

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