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Networking at WordCamps

Master the art of WordCamp networking. This event is your guide to building strong connections. Learn tailored strategies, expand your network, and unlock exciting new opportunities.

Monday, May 13, 2024, 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM (UTC-04:00)


Networking at WordCamps Event

Magic happens at WordCamps and we miss it all when we present and rest. 

Winstina will walk you through the steps to take before you arrive at a WordCamp so you can make the most of your  experience. She'll cover tips and strategies specifically tailored to the WordCamp environment, ensuring you leave with actionable ways to build relationships, gain knowledge, and open doors for future collaborations and business.

This event is perfect for:

  • Anyone looking to improve their networking skills at WordCamp

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Speaker: Winstina Hughes
Speaker Bio: Winstina Hughes is a transportation planner with a unique blend of technical knowledge, leadership, and passion for fostering diversity and inclusion. 

As a core contributor, co-organizer of WordPress NYC Meetup group (9,500+ members!), and WordCamp NYC 2018 lead organizer, she has spent a decade championing the CMS' versatility. Her expertise spans empowering local governments with digital solutions (WordCamp US 2017) to demystifying technical tools like Jetpack and Google Analytics (WordCamp Austin 2017). She is equally comfortable addressing current trends. Her recent presentation with SiNC Partner, co-speaker, and leadership coach Yvonne Gonzalez (WordCamp Phoenix 2024) explored human centric leadership in the face of AI, sparking important discussion about the future of leadership. 
As a leader, Support Inclusion in Tech (SiNC), the initiative she founded with partners, tackles financial barriers by funding travel for underrepresented speakers at WordCamps globally. SiNC's innovative approach fosters inclusion and ensures a richer exchange of ideas within the WordPress open-source ecosystem. 

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Winstina Hughes

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