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Tag1 Consulting, Inc.

Global consulting firm, works with a wide array of technologies & specializes in architecting, optimizing, securing, & delivering large scale, mission critical software applications & server infrastructures. The 2nd all-time leading contributor to Drupal

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Tag1, a global consulting firm, works with a wide array of technologies and specializes in architecting, optimizing, securing, & delivering large scale, mission critical software applications and server infrastructures.
In addition to our team of experts that can solve your most challenging problems, we have a global team of developers, overseen by our experts, allowing us to offer competitive rates while ensuring the success of all your technology projects.

Our history of major open source contributions, long-standing client list, partnerships with digital agencies and the leading platform providers, sets Tag1 Consulting apart as an industry leader.

Architectural Leadership       

Many organizations turn to Tag1 for our proven architectural expertise as demonstrated by our substantial contributions to many of the key open source projects that power the Internet. We help design and support the tools and technologies the majority of the Internet rely on.
By comparison, most other agencies are learning and building on top of the tools we created. In working with Tag1 you can ensure your project will be built with a solid foundation, accommodate evolving needs, and minimize long term costs.                                       

The Tag1 team is the 2nd all-time leading contributor to the Drupal​ application framework and CMS that powers over 3% of the Internet.  Our infrastructure team manages the hosting infrastructure for 100+ open source projects including the Apache Software Foundation, Linux Foundation, Mozilla, Node.js, and Travis CI. Many of these projects, including Linux and Drupal, also rely on our development team to support and build out the underlying tools and systems the foundations and communities rely on.                               

Team members have also participated in the Google Summer of Code as mentors supporting organizations including the Python Foundation, and actively serve on teams and steering committees for CentOS and the Fedora Project.

Unparalleled Drupal Expertise
Our team has led the architecture of Drupal for over 15 years. We are proud to have the largest concentration of Top 100 contributors, Drupal Core Module Maintainers (the select few individuals who oversee and manage the major underlying components of the platform) and Drupal Core Maintainers (less than 10 individuals in the world, who, alongside the founder of Drupal, oversee and guide the architecture of the entire platform).                                        

Some of the major core subsystems we authored and maintain, that all Drupal sites rely on, include Views, Content Translation, BigPipe, Theme API, and Taxonomy. Our team also created & maintains the key tools that are critical to running Drupal including the Drupal Migration system, as well as Drush, the command line tool, used to create, update, & manage sites. We also helped establish and have several team members on the Drupal Security Team.