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⛵ Bay Hacks Hackathon

Fiscal Host: Tampa Devs

Learn, grow, build. Create a startup in 48 hours


We're hosting another hackathon later this year in 2023
Check out the previous hackathon in 2022:

We're opening this project for funding support for this years hackathon. We're looking for sponsors specifically for this event as well. 

Please reach out to us directly if you are interested in sponsoring our upcoming Hackathon in 2023. We do not have an established date yet, but it will be in Q3 or Q4 this year

Why you should be interested in sponsoring:

- Promotion of your brand on social media to all of Tampa Bay's tech community
- Newsletter publications to TV stations and more
- Social Media impressions totalling up to 20,000 or more for the event
- Ability to promote your software for students, professionals, and more to try out

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