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We are an open source community, and we build tools for developers and students


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A state management Library for React


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04:30 AM UTC
A seasonal hackathon to introduce developers to the world of API'S

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Back in the sophomore year, we all started building devtools for the open source community. And that's how we started growing as an engaging community of students, who learn things by doing and building them out. We conduct our seasonal hackathon API Hacks in the month of October to promote Open Source Culture among the students and starters in tech. As guessed, Postman is our prime sponsor for API Hacks Hackathon. 

The uniqueness in all of us, is we all develop things and share what we learn to the community. Some of us are Freelancers, and already making good gig. But we all firmly believe that communities are having a special place in the heart of every developer, because thats make thing live and engaged. We have successfully, helped out, few developers to come out from depression through our engagements and interactions.

We are a growing Open Source Organization, where all the hackers come, and build/ contribute in making open source projects on devtools theme. And we keep the environment, beginner friendly through our first-timer ongoing projects

Our first devtool was KLADI, a state management library for Facebook's React.   

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