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Camp Future (2021)


Digital arts festival presenting young Philadelphian creatives and their most recent productions


The Future Is Us Group Residency is a pilot project where Future Is Us Collective participants and facilitators engage in somatic pedagogy and worldbuilding pedagogy as creative healing practices. A pedagogy developed by Reva Rutherford and Laila Islam, Worldbuilding is a practice where one designs and creates alter realities that better serve marginalized communities through the principal of affect. Generative Somatics or Somatic Pedagogy challenges our violent capitalist environment through therapeutic group practices that encourage deeper relationships with one's individual body and the collective body, ultimately embodying a healing state. Both Worldbuilding and Generative Somatics are tools that foster radical healing in communities by allowing participants the space to collectively process trauma, share knowledge, and create. As the future grows more precarious, these transformative art practices serve as a model for collective resilience through art and imagination.

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