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Dualities and Dichotomies

Fiscal Host: 8fold

Working title: An edgy and angsty conversation about cognitive dissonance in the workplace.


This is a working title and may change by the time of publishing.

I really enjoy the human experience. I’m particularly fascinated by dualities and dichotomies. Sometimes, we might think of these as cognitive dissonance, where two or more things don’t seem to go together, or are an odd pairing, irony. 

One of my favorite graphic designs of all time is the famous Rosie the Riveter poster. A woman wearing blue coveralls and a red bandana stands, flexing her right arm while rolling up the coverall sleeve with her left. The background is a highly saturated yellow, and the words “We can do it!” float in a speech bubble above her head. She’s staring straight ahead, ensuring no matter the angle you stare at her, she’s staring right back at you. 

This image has become a symbol of feminism and female empowerment in The United States. 

Here’s the dichotomy. It was designed by a man who was paid by The Federal Government’s war commission. One of the only reasons women were pushed into these jobs was because many of the able-bodied men were off fighting World War II. 

Another one of my favorite pieces is from feminist artist Barbara Kruger. It’s an untitled black-and-white piece depicting the silhouette of a female form in a loose fetal position from the side. The silhouette has what appears to be hemming needles pushed into her spine and down the back of her legs in regular intervals. Across the middle of the piece, it reads, “We have received orders not to move.” 

This image is obscure and not a symbol of feminism and female empowerment. 

I’ve always dreamed of having both images in the corner of a room. Rosie on one corner and the silhouette on the other. It’s like inception and breaking the fourth wall all at once. 

Another dichotomy that recently presented itself comes in the form of two book titles. The first is Move Fast and Break Things […]. The second is Move Fast and Fix Things […]. 

I had never heard of the second book, but both titles were brought to my attention again thanks to social media and the firing of OpenAI’s CEO. We’re not going in-depth here as OpenAI’s inner workings aren’t the subject of this book. In short: 

  • OpenAI’s board fired the CEO, stating they wanted the company to focus on research over commercialization.
  • Three days after the CEO was fired, Microsoft hired him.
  • A few days later, OpenAI’s board no longer had two female members who supported firing the CEO.
  • The reconstituted all-male board has promised to reinstate the former CEO but not as a board member.

The post describing Microsoft’s hiring of the former CEO was described as a wonderful demonstration of “Move fast and fix things.” This was before news of the changes to the board surfaced. I’m not here to make a feminist statement, I only bring it up because some of the backlash and negative sentiment toward OpenAI and Microsoft was based on this change in the board.
In about seven days, the CEO was fired. Hired by one of the largest shareholders of OpenAI and one of the largest software companies in the world. The board of OpenAI was rearranged, and the CEO will be reinstated. 

So, did they move fast and fix things, or move fast and break things?
Which brings us to this book’s title [...].


The content will be available through channels and distributors that align with the 8fold culture, some of which may remain free. As such:

  • eBook via Leanpub.
  • eBooks and audiobooks distributed via Scribl’s CrowdPricing feature to other stores, including Amazon, Apple Books, and so on.
  • Podcast: The full audiobook will be released as free podcast episodes using Scribl’s podcast distribution feature.
  • Paperback will be available through Barnes & Noble using their print-on-demand publishing service.
  • Limited edition hardcover for higher-tier supporters; provider to be determined.

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