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The Week is a new playbook for mass mobilization to face the climate breakdown


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We urgently need a new playbook for massive mobilization to address the climate crisis and ecological breakdown. The existing playbook “give people the facts, and they will wake up an act” isn’t up to the task. 

We’ve tested a new approach, deeply grounded in social science research, to reach that vast majority of us who are concerned about climate change, but not active yet. We call it The Week

The Week takes groups of people, within their existing social circles (groups of friends, colleagues, fellow worshippers) through a carefully guided journey that helps them reckon deeply with the reality of climate breakdown. Results from our prototypes are remarkable: people are deeply moved and changed, take up joyful action and invite more friends and colleagues to join, promising exponential reach.

We’ve tested the approach with leaders of large climate movements, as well as large corporations, CEO networks and faith movements. Their enthusiasm bodes well for the potential of creating an unprecedented coalition to help millions of people join the climate mobilization. 

Here is a 1-minute video teaser. You’ll find everything you need to know in the Presentation deck. If this inspires you, we would love for you to get involved.