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The Black Birth Collective

The Black Birth Collective is dedicated to delivering compassionate and intentional support to Black birth workers who provide evidence-based practices that improve the maternal and infant vitality within the Black Community.


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A service trip to build bridges of material support and understanding between Black and Senegales...

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Join us as we gather together to honor movement and dance within our culture for black history mo...Read more

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New Kids of the block...

1. What did you accomplish during 2023? How did you use money? Although The Black Birth Collective are perhaps the new or newer kids on the block; we are pleased to announce that we accomplished our goal to travel to Dakar,Senegal to delive...
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Published on December 22, 2023 by Marlene Morris


The Mission

The Black Birth Collective is dedicated to delivering compassionate and intentional care with evidence based practices to improve the maternal and infant vitality with the BLACK community.

The Vision

To enhance the quality of life for BLACK people to ensure future generations live on. We are nurturing, inspiring, uplifting and respectful BLACK maternal health professionals.

The Values

We strive to educate, uplift and inspire the BLACK family and the BLACK community. We value our people, support and encourage their growth and celebrate their achievements. 

Our Story

Officially founded in September 2022, The Black Birth Collective (TBBC) came together organically in the preceding months. Crossing paths at a BIPOC professional gathering, TBBC’s founders were drawn to each other with a vision to sustainably uplift the work and quality of life of Black birth workers — and thereby the Black families they serve. 

Noticing the lack of resources for Black families, TBBC’s founders shared a mission to make the freedom of home birth joyful, safe, and accessible for Black families locally and internationally. Their first collective effort was the hosting of a community open house in April 2022, showcasing the volume, quality, and depth of Black birth services available to northeast Ohio’s Black families. Through strategic, multi-layered education and training for the profession and the community, TBBC improves healthy birth and maternal outcomes.  

Founded in a deep historical understanding of Black birth experiences — and through intentionally uplifting the work, training, and emotional support of Black birth workers — TBBC makes reparative justice happen. By infusing the community with nurturance, sisterhood, and trauma-conscious integration of past and present, TBBC’s work creates a ripple effect that impacts each birth worker, their colleagues, collegial partnerships, and — most importantly —  the Black families they serve. 

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