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From prisons to communities: Confronting re-entry challenges and social inequality. Thrive House Reentry Programs are Providing incarcerated individuals with support. above all we will help overcome some of the challenges they face upon re-entering their


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THRIVE HOUSE: BTTC currently operates a Texan co-operative named the Thrive House  Sheltering displaced women from the South, and survivors of violence. The Thrive House has become a safe place to land for our our community member’s recovering from financial, social and professional harm, as well as a hub for communal healing.  Our mission is to continue to give our community the support they need,  as barriers continue to grow for many as a result BTTC has doubled down on its work by launching a re-entry program in September of 2022 with the purpose of housing and providing equitable employment to formally incarcerated black Trans women. As fighting back against anti-Trans violence by providing support to our familia as a crucial component The program educates, strengthens, and empowers our community to re-imagine and develop their lives after incarceration through resources, supporting access to jobs, housing, healthcare, and community. Participants go through a tailored three-phase process that allows them to stabilize, develop skills, and create goals while receiving support they need