Research: Data lifecycle

Part of: UDDR
Fiscal Host: The IO Foundation

A research focused on establishing a technical description on the nature of data and its lifecycle.


Project Description

A core component of the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights and its implementation is to provide clarity concerning the nature of data and its lifecycle. The objective is to ensure a baseline model to identify the Digital Harms that data can undergo during said lifecycle so that technologists can use it as a reference in their digital creations. 

Data exists in a fully digital space. Understanding data manipulation requires understanding its lifecycle.


The results of this project will be used to inform the Digital Harms & Digital Rights project.

Summary of Activities

  • Establish a working group to research on the Data lifecycle
  • Promote the awareness and understanding of the research results


  • A research paper documenting data's lifecycle
  • Design a syllabus for the learning of the Data lifecycle

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