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Public War Performance "Tomorrow" -Nadiia Buriachok


Nadiia Buriachok creates an installation of a war crime in the center of Stockholm. Will be documented by SCF (Stockholm City Films).


The installation will portrait a war-scene and will be installed in the middle of Karlavägen at 7:00 in the morning, with glass, war-trash, rubble of building, weapons and fake sound of explosions. In the middle of installation you will see wax sculptures that looks like big candles as tall as real people - military with a gun pointed towards a pregnant woman who is begging for her life. This symbolizes how all actors of war are victims to it´s atrocities and how no one escapes it´s grasp.

The goal is to make a widespread and large-scale performance in order to make people feel how close the Ukrainian war to us, and to see that we must stop it in Ukraine before it reaches the rest of Europe. We must do everything we can in order to make it so that our kids only has to see the horrors of war at art performances - such as this one - and in the movies.


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