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Published on November 29, 2022 by alycia kamil moaton

Undoing Our Erasure is a transformative abolitionist based- multi medium resource hub that is working to provide support, space, and awareness to voices and identities across the Black diaspora that have historically been neglected and/or ignored. UOE was created in the spring of 2020 by Alycia Kamil, who is a multidisciplinary freedom fighter from the South Side of Chicago, as an immediate reaction to the new wave of interest towards social justice movements that were sparked by the uprisings that year. What started off simply as a podcast series highlighting young Black voices across all career fields, blossomed into a myriad of programs that’s still continuing the same work but now on a larger scale with a bigger vision backing it. 

UOE created a Radical Education Program that has a driven goal to provide an accessible, decolonized outlet of education that is suitable and enjoyable for all ages. This program has 3 different series to accomplish this goal: Read & Check in W/ Me, which is a book club that goes over texts relevant to community struggles, A Pen That Talks which hosts multi writing style workshops, and Grabbing the Mic which is a rap/lyric written workshop. 

The Pass it On Mutual Aid initiative provides emergency funds, and wrap around services to Chicago citizens who are experiencing some form of deficit. Whether it's through helping someone keep their bills / utilities running, providing families groceries for the week, getting connected to mental health services, or finding a place of employment- this program will provide the community all the resources that state entities strip us of. 

Recently UOE created two new initiatives geared specifically to help young creatives have been created: The Radical Essential Kits for the Youth, and Invest in Transformative Arts Program. Both of these initiatives will provide young students with the resources and materials needed to further their creative expression and endeavors. Undoing Our Erasure is working to undo the centuries of dehumanization, destruction, and negligence that state entities have placed upon Black communities. Through a sense of community, we will find liberation.