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Open Collective
Hello Everyone, and thank you!
Published on October 13, 2022 by alycia kamil moaton

Hello all, just wanted to share some updates about what's been going on!

We've been able to service over a dozen of youth with FREE books and materials thanks to a grant, and further donations. So very very thankful because we're able to continue these efforts and even expand the type of resources we're going to be giving out.

The goal is to provide for, take care of, and prioritize the youth. Thank you all for believing in our mission and supporting our goals.

Aside from the book kits we've been buying baby supplies for mothers, groceries for families, providing transportation funds for people local in Chicago, and buying eGas cards so folks are able to fill their tanks up! We hope to continue these mutual aid efforts as well. 

More updates coming on the book kits and the art kits that we will be distributing soon!