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Open Collective

PROJECT is a freelancing decentralized application (dApp) that allows individuals to create/complete tasks and organize themselves by creating geographically distributed organizations.


In the past, people have created organizations and corporations by obtaining legal status from a government or a state. In the future, organizations and corporations will be created digitally and will have global instead of local reach. provides the needed infrastructure for people to organize themselves by creating digital identities, tasks and organizations. We enable the creation of a new digital future.

Evolving societies tend to increase in complexity. The increase in complexity requires new systems through which complexity can be managed. Digitalization is the only way forward to manage such increasing complexity. In the future, successful organizations will be those that:
● rely on digital infrastructure to organize their workforce.
● inspire people with a positive vision of the future with a compelling proposition.
● are able to source talent from all over the world.
● disrupt themselves internally, rather than be disrupted externally.
Our software platform with the surrounding infrastructure allows for creating digital organizations and
organizing people around a common vision.

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