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We run a Mastodon server for people into bikes, transit, and walkable cities.


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News from Urbanists.Social

Updates on our activities and progress.

Switching to HCB

Hello folks! As you may have heard, our fiscal hosting provider, the Open Collective Foundation, has shut down. This has disabled monthly donations from our users. While we'll be fine for a while, we wanted to get back up monthly donations...
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Published on April 3, 2024 by Sam Wight

Hey, What's Up(date)?

Hey folks! Hope you all are doing well 😁 It's nearing the end of the year, and our fiscal host (the Open Collective Foundation) requires us to do a yearly update on how the past year's gone, what some of our challenges were, and where we'r...
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Published on November 10, 2023 by Sam Wight

Virtual cards, emails, and sustainability

Hi folks! Another quick update. One of the major reasons why we chose to be fiscally hosted with the Open Collective Foundation is that it uncouples the server from mine and Zak's finances. Prior to joining the OCF, all of the donated funds...
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Published on December 16, 2022 by Sam Wight


A place for urbanists to connect with each other

We're an ad-free Mastodon server for urbanists: people who like bikes, transit, and walkable cities. We provide a home for our members on the Fediverse: a network of interconnected, federated servers. Urbanists.Social is organized and funded by the community itself: we take no money from outside sources, only donations from our users.

This OpenCollective exists to:
  1. Give our users more confidence in choosing us as their new internet home. Our budget is completely transparent. Anyone can look and see how many months of funding we have, how much we're spending on server costs, etc.
  2. Ensure the longevity of our Mastodon server. Our server costs are not huge. If even only a few users give a little bit monthly, we're able to cover them no problem. Running this as a collective allows us to provide a safe, ad-free, non-commodified social media experience on the web.

About our budget

We use a yearly budget system to make things simple. We have two categories of costs: server hosting costs and operating costs. Server hosting costs are the funds we pay to our host: Masto.Host, as well as our domain name. Operating costs are miscellaneous costs for things like email, contact points for our DMCA designated agent, and more. 

Here's our current server costs:
  • Masto.Host - $1320/yr ($110 monthly). We're on the Galaxy plan with the ElasticSearch addon and no other addons. We pay for this monthly, not annually.
  • Google Domains - $30/yr. We pay for this annually.
Here's our current operating costs:
  • Email account - $47/yr. We use Proton and pay yearly.
  • Phone number - $30/yr. We need a phone number to list publicly on the DMCA designated directory. We purchase a phone number to protect the privacy of our agent. This is paid for yearly.
  • Mailing address - $240/yr. We need a mailing address to list publicly on the DMCA designated agent directory. We purchase a mailing address to protect the privacy of our agent (so they don't have to list their address publicly). This is paid for monthly.

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