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You are a company, developer or project that believe Verdaccio is really important for the community and must be awarded for the work done. Your c... Read more

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Past event

OpenJS World 2020

08:00 PM UTC
Cover your Projects with a Multi-purpose Lightweight Node.js Registry
Past event

Introducción a Verdaccio

05:00 PM UTC
Introducción a Verdaccio
Past event

What can possibly go wrong if I don’t E2E test my packages?

05:45 PM UTC
A brief introduction to Verdaccio and then he will show us the steps to how to integrate Verdacci...Read more
Past event

Verdaccio at Trivago Open Source Conference

08:00 AM UTC
Lighting Talk about Verdaccio Open Source Journey
Past event

NodeJS June Meetup

04:30 PM UTC
some ideas about how to improve your development workflow using a private registry with Verdaccio.
Past event

Madrid Node.js Meetup

06:00 PM UTC
Introducción a Verdaccio
Past event

ViennaJS Meetup

06:00 PM UTC
Introduction to Verdaccio