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Hi Backers !!
Published on June 14, 2019 by Juan Carlos Picado
Published on April 14, 2019 by Juan Carlos Picado
Hi Backers !!
Published on March 6, 2019 by Juan Carlos Picado


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A lightweight private npm proxy registry

Verdaccio is a simple, zero-config-required local private npm registry. No need for an entire database just to get started! Verdaccio comes out of the box with its own tiny database, and the ability to proxy other registries (eg., caching the downloaded modules along the way. For those looking to extend their storage capabilities, Verdaccio supports various community-made plugins to hook into services such as Amazon's s3 and Google Cloud Storage.

Use private packages

If you want to use all benefits of npm package system in your company without sending all code to the public, and use your private packages just as easy as public ones.

Cache registry

If you have more than one server you want to install packages on, you might want to use this to decrease latency (presumably "slow" will be connected to only once per package/version) and provide limited failover (if is down, we might still find something useful in the cache) or avoid issues like How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript, Many packages suddenly disappeared or Registry returns 404 for a package I have installed before.

Link multiple registries

If you use multiples registries in your organization and need to fetch packages from multiple sources in one single project you might take advance of the uplinks feature with Verdaccio, chaining multiple registries and fetching from one single endpoint.

Override public packages

If you want to use a modified version of some 3rd-party package (for example, you found a bug, but maintainer didn't accept pull request yet), you can publish your version locally under the same name.


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