Verdaccio 5.x update
Published on September 9, 2020 by Juan Carlos Picado

Hi Backers !

Just a quick update, since few months ago Verdaccio 5 is under development. A few changes are coming, like:

  • A new mono-repo architecture based on pnpm and changesets
  • New logging system based in Pino (bunyan-node is highly unmaintained)
  • New website based in Gastby.js (still under development)
  • Improve project structure to encourage new contributions and hopefully new maintainers
  • Improved debugging logging (using debug)

That's the changes by far available in the branch 5.x, there are bunch of things todo before a release, below I share the complete list and roadmap.

If you have any further question, I'm easy to reach out in our community chat ( #contributions channel.

Thanks again for your support.