Year update and 2021
Published on December 29, 2020 by Juan Carlos Picado

Hi folks !

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, specially for Open Source. 

The contributions were lower than previous years, even if was a great in other areas as donations, downloads and new opportunities.

This project had the chance to be shown at the OpenJS world 2020 in June , highlighted in books and blogs along the year which is great.

That proves the project is really healthy and overall 2020 was a good year.

The was a total of 17 releases along the year, 10.9k stars at GitHub and an average of 25k weekly downloads at npmjs.

Furthermore, late this year we did enabled GitHub sponsor as an additional option for monetary contributions, if it fits better to your company or yourself feel free to switch over there, the money will be collected to the Open Collective account by default.

Verdaccio joined the Docker Open Source program, which exclude the project from the limitations announced in 2020 at Docker Hub.

Verdaccio 4 maintenance

Verdaccio 4 is the stable release, currently in maintenance mode mostly focused on security, important bugs and small features mostly from non regular contributors.

Verdaccio 5 progress

You can review the current progress at Verdaccio 5, all the work is under the 5.x branch.

The current work is focused on refactor the project and improving the stack in general.

Verdaccio Docker

I'd like to share the growth of the Docker image along the last year, since 2019 has been constantly growing with a monthly average of 1,000,000 pulls.

What's about 2021?

The plan is simple, more progress. The speed will depends mostly of contributions, time is limited and still is based on voluntary contributions.


Thanks all of you, for collaborate with your donations to Verdaccio and cover the expenses, like server, domains, marketing and so on.