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Your donations become the threads that weave the fabric of cultural preservation and environmental restoration.

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Safeguarding the Tezhuna's Ancient Culture
In the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which they call "the heart of the world," live the Tezhunas, composed of Wiwa, Kogi, Arhuaco, and Kankuamo tribes.

They each have their language, traditions, and clothes. Still, they are united by their vision of the creation: the Law of Origin, written in every place of the mountains, that keeps the material and spiritual life of the Tezhuna people.

Facing the erosion of ancestral territories, the Tezhunas are confronted with the dire consequence of a loss beyond the physical realm—a loss of identity, tradition, and the interconnectedness between spirit and matter. Their sacred duty to support the Earth and maintain its balance falters as their land diminishes, leading to ecological degradation and biodiversity loss.

The Tezhunas are looking to buy back the Finca La Ponderosa land. This 44-hectare encompasses seven sacred sites, each holding a key to the balance of life. This piece of land, nestled among the territories of all four tribes, will allow them to preserve the Sacred Sites, build a cultural center to safeguard their music and language and pass them on to the new generations. 

After spiritual consultation, the mamos (shamans) of the four tribes have decided to move forward with this project. The GONNLWÁ organization will hold the land title, ensuring its perpetuity. 
With an immediate need of $30,000 to secure the land and a total goal of $50,000, your donations become the threads that weave the fabric of cultural preservation and environmental restoration.
Remember, your contributions are investments in the soul of the Sierra so that the Tezhunas can keep performing their spiritual duties in supporting the Earth and maintaining its balance. 

Together, we can restore the balance, protect sacred lands, and ensure the harmonious dance of life endures for generations to come.

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