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Re-establish healthy relationships among all beings that make up 2.5% of the Earth's biodiversity in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica


The Vivero Circle invites you to celebrate and support the birth of a partnership with the ReGenerOsa Collective on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

ReGenerOsa Vivero is a first-of-its-kind, onground-online partnership. It marks a vital step in manifesting our vision of a peer-to-peer network of Vivero nodes with technology-based bioregional funding and community regenerating at their core. These will communicate together, collaborate and learn from each other.

Vivero is walking alongside ReGenerOsa as the Collective takes its first steps to ground community giving and receiving in the Osa bioregion. This partnership is an embodiment of reciprocal learning and multi-capital value flow:
- We continue to accompany the Vivero Turtle Cohort in their project implementation journeys.
  • - We anticipate with a joyous heart to develop and launch the ReGenerOsa Vivero app as the first bioregional node.

In the Spirit of the Gift we invite you to support ReGenerOsa’s first on-the-ground giving round.
By giving as little as US$5 you can directly support the people, their place-based projects, and the intentional evolution of regenerative processes in the Osa bioregion. Learn more about local weavers and stewards by watching the video of 'Manos Cambiadas: Una Historia de Vida':

Make a difference today, and contribute below to re-store, re-new, and re-pair all that is needed to re-establish healthy relationships among all beings that make up 2.5% of the Earth's biodiversity in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. ♾️🌱


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