The first parkour school in Gaza.

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We're building an inclusive sports and education community in Gaza, empowering children to overcome physical and mental barriers through parkour. Athletes from PK Gaza will be teaching the younger generation within the safety of an equipped gym.

We need to raise a total of 115,000 USD to build the school, source and assemble parkour equipment, pay the coaches and project manager for 2 years. 

If we reach our objectives on recurring monthly and yearly revenues from patrons and sponsors, we'll be able to expand the school's activities to include surfing and skateboarding with equipment and teachers for the kids.


Jan 20' - March 20' < Fundraising 
March 20' - April 20' < Refurbishing the warehouse
April 2020 < School opening in temporary location
May 20' - July 20' < Land purchase
August 20' - March 21' < School construction
April 21' - Sept 21' < Moving to permanent location
October 2021 < Permanent school opening


As much a philosophy of life and an art form as an athletic discipline, parkour is the passing of obstacles and barriers by running, jumping, and climbing. Athletes must travel from one point to another in the most creative way imaginable.

For a generation of young Palestinians who have grown up in a flood of under-employment, it has become a method of self-expression, an escape, and a way of life. The idea of parkour is to "find your own way", and failure became a victory in itself; proof that you’ve tried and learned. The lines blurred until all obstacles in their lives became walls, waiting to be overcome. With renewed motivation they attempted to better their lives, elsewhere and outside of Gaza.

"It makes me feel like I can overcome all obstacles in my life. There is nothing stopping you. You try until you get your goals" — Mohammed Aljakhabir


A parkour athlete, a serial entrepreneur, a producer, a project manager and parkour coaches. We have the A-team to get this project on the ground. More information about us here.


We'll be starting the school in a warehouse belonging to the Mashharawi family.