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Lars Kappert


Independent developer/architect. I care & tweet about JavaScript, automation, tooling, performance & open source.



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Hi, my name is Lars and I ❤️ open source! Over the years the open source community as a whole has helped me tremendously to grow as a developer, and I'm using this knowledge and experience in my professional work. It was only natural for me to give something back to the community. I enjoy working on my open source projects, and some of them are used by quite a few people and companies. Selected works:

- Knip - Find unused files, dependencies and exports in JavaScript and TypeScript projects
- Release It! - Release automation started 10 years ago, still going strong
- 7-docs - Streaming OpenAI chat completions before it was cool
- My dotfiles - Dotfiles, the right way™️ (staying productive through the years)
- awesome-dotfiles - Articles & resources for people starting out with dotfiles
- Programming Principles - Categorized overview of programming principles & design patterns
- reveal-md - Create fancy looking slides from simple Markdown files
- dyson - Mocking API servers before it was cool
- DOMtastic - jQuery clone for fun & for free
- Frontend Ramblings - My blog

Feel free to support my work in any way you like, I would really appreciate it!

The more sponsorships I receive, the more time I can spend on improvements and helping out developers. They monthly tiers may seem high, it's because I prefer sponsorships coming from companies (over redistributing it across developers). There's also the one-time option to choose any amount! 🙏

Have a wonderful day! Take care. ❤️