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Bringing awareness to Worldwide Indigenous Peoples Governance Charter, The Great Law of Peace, an...

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 Our goal is to weave together that which has been silenced, lost by way of commodity or covered up.  We do this by overseeing and initiating projects on the premise that all Indigenous Nations world wide have had intrinsic rapport, guidelines and agreements, and spiritual based practices that keep communities in balance and in harmony with our Mother Earth. We integrate and help bring traditional practices to the forefront, by learning once again how to exercise our Spirit through traditions, ancestral, and ceremonial ways of education, solutions-based projects, and wellness practices.

Our vision is to bridge communities together to inspire local action in alignment with four key areas of focus: education, community development, healing and wellness, and regenerative systems development. We do this by creating sacred gatherings, educational curriculum, and bridging international networks into partnership, stewardship, volunteerism, and coherence.

We bring together education, intentional music, nature based prayer, and dance into intentional gatherings focused on bringing communities together around environmental projects that implement the following:
  • Introduce the White Lions Initiative and the Great Law of Peace 
  • Sacred economics and transparent business practices
  • Collaborative governance systems and protocols
  • Food distribution, local and urban gardening, and community supported agriculture
  • Education and systems development based on Natural Law
  • Watershed and bioregional water security focused on protection, purification and distribution of living water
  • MycoRestoration and regenerative agriculture
  • Biofrequency healing such as pyramidal and toroidal technologies
  • Interconnecting Eco villages, communities, and sovereign territories
  • Medicine Wheel Building
  • Indigenous Bridging and Peace Making