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Extinction Rebellion Youth Uganda


Extinction Rebellion Youth Uganda unifies all youths allover Uganda working together to pressure the government to declare climate and ecological emergency through mass civil disobedience actions.


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Extinction Rebellion is a global movement. Our core strategy is mass disruption of city centres through nonviolent civil disobedience. We are about political change not personal change – though we welcome the latter. We act in full public view and we take responsibility for our actions. 
What we do? 
We believe that our government will be compelled to act through civil disobedience and active participation of citizens. For this, we use creative and peaceful non-violent direct action and organise democratic people’s assemblies to put pressure on our government and bring equitable solutions to climate change.
  We are in the midst of crisis . We exist because our government refuses to implement necessary policies to protect its citizens. Instead, she continues to support the industries that put our lives at risk. We organize creative, peaceful and sometimes disruptive actions to put pressure on our government and force them to take the necessary measures. Why? Because history has shown time and again that civil disobedience is a very effective way to bring about rapid change. 
Your donation create a huge change
Our work relies on the giving heart of our supporters and donors. Your donations will directly help us to organise more impactful actions and events. We are also striving to support our key volunteers tirelessly working to ensure that XR is more sustainable, and our actions and activities happen. 

All donations will be used to: 
  • organise more non-violent direct actions across Uganda
  • reimburse costs of our volunteers and make our actions more accessible.
  • organise people’s assemblies to collect viewpoints and demands from other movements and rebels
  • deliver trainings for our volunteers and the local groups and help us to grow larger;
  • develop and expand our communications online and offline
  • provide our key organisers with Volunteer Living Allowance, so they can fully focus on the important work within Extinction Rebellion.

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