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A network of cooperatives; delivered by bicycle. We're taking donations to help set up York Library of Things (read more below).

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It's been a busy couple of weeks: we've had our first donation of tools for the Library of Things, we're working towards getting our website online and everything necessary in place for registering as a co-op.
Published on November 27, 2019 by Matthew Nicholson


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We want to create York Collective, to allow independent, cooperative, branches to grow from our bicycle logistics, and e-commerce platform. Our aim is to nurture cooperatives in York. We'll provide our members with access to a legal entity, bank account, invoicing, and delivery services.

See below for more information on our community project. Possibly the first of its kind in the UK, if not the world.

York Library of Things - an on-demand Library of Things.

What is the York Library of Things?

A library of things really does what it says on the tin: it’s like your local lending library, but instead of books, you check out physical items. Libraries of things are a global movement, but in York, we’re aiming to do things a little differently.

What are you offering?

We aim to offer short-term loans of useful things for a reasonable fee: power tools, hand tools, sewing machines, gardening gear, camping kit… we want your input on what we should offer! Uniquely, through York Collective we're offering an on-demand service to drop off your items when and where you need them, via bike! 

We’re aiming to run the York library of things as a co-operative as well, meaning that you, as a user or member, play a crucial role in owning and running the library.

Why use the York library of things?

Borrowing instead of buying helps save you money and reduces the resources you consume, simply by sharing and borrowing. 

Perhaps you need to do some DIY, and need an electric drill: instead of spending £££ on a new drill that you’ll use once and then keep in the cupboard or get rid of, you can loan it from the library and have it delivered to your door ready to use. Once you’ve finished with it, book a collection and one of the York Collective’s friendly team of cycle couriers will pick it up at a convenient time to suit you.