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We are fundraising for Ohio Affinity group going to Atlanta forest for the Week of Action, March 4th - 11th to demand that Atlanta Stop Cop City and support the forest defenders.

"Cop City" is the nickname critics have given the planned $90 million Atlanta police training center that  would take up 85 acres and 265-acres property as greenspace, land that is currently a forest that serves the city and was once  the Old Atlanta Prison Farm, where prisoners labored in poor working conditions for much of the 20th century. 

Although the vast majority of Altantans do not want the facility, and voted so in a recent election, the city is going ahead with the project, and has escalated violence against those who defend the land and demand that the people's will be heard.

In response to the murder of forest defender Tortuguita, and the approval of Cop City’s final permit, frontline organizers are calling for a large scale mobilization in Atlanta from March 4-11.  A group of Ohioan are answering the call of the forest defenders in Atlanta’s Weelaunee Forest and are fundraising for folx to meet them in the forest and occupy space with the demand that Cop City will never be built.

Everyone is needed in Atlanta to stop Cop City, defend the Weelaunee Forest, and honor the life of Tortuguita. You can donate here or CashApp/PayPal or IRTF, earmarked for Cop City trip

After their return, YAC will host a debrief and learning session with our friends to hear news from on the ground.

You can donate here or to the group lead, who leads the Inter-Religious Taskforce on Central America $CLSM | PayPal: @irtfcleveland |

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