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Anthony Fu Collective

Sponsor Anthony Fu for his open-source work. The funds raised in this collective will mainly be forwarded to dependencies on Anthony's choices.


Sponsor Anthony Fu's open-source work across the ecosystem, including but not limited to Vue, Vite, Nuxt, Vitest, ESLint, UnoCSS, VueUse, Slidev, Shiki, and others.

The funds raised in this collective will mainly used to support the ecosystem, by forwarding the fund to upstream dependencies & toolings, and by rewarding contributors for their contributions, etc. The goal is to use Anthony Fu as the front-facing figure to collect the funds and to support the underlying hard work that sometimes can be invisible.

It's simple: You sponsor Anthony for the tools you rely on, and Anthony distributes the funds and makes sure the dependencies are well-supported.

Based on the funds we raise, Anthony would pick some dependencies or contributors to forward the funds monthly. Everything is transparent.
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