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finnisage of antipodes café House

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æHouse (2016-2020)

We are soon closing æHouse.
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Published on May 8, 2020 by Tuva Langfeldt


antipodes café is a tiny nonprofit organisation based in Oslo, Norway, exploring everyday life on a daily basis by continuously developing multifarious cultural situations, projects and comments towards infinite possibilities. 

it currently runs with a basic administration including external accountancy revision and defined honoraria for the working time of its active members. each project has independent plans for arriving to their sustainable development and investments in both the organisation and its projects come from diverse sources including both private and public sectors.

honoraria are based in the regulated minimum wage in Norway for unskilled workers without any experience of construction work, taking this number as our maximum.

beyond reasonable doubt, investing in antipodes café and its projects makes you a better person, don't you think? that's why its members endow it with what they have close at hand, including palms, time, and sometimes coins.
in addition, now and then antipodes café receives material and economical support  from public and/or private organizations that understands the benefit, and that of the doubt.
emotional support comes from all fronts and vanguards. unexpected and inexhaustible sources from around, beyond bounds and great beyond.

donations are welcome too!

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