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Open Collective

Autonomous Yurt Union

Autonomous Yurt Union builds yurt-inspired structures for unhoused community members across the Twin Cities. Yurts make winter in Minnesota survivable.

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Yurt fairy

Don't have much to spare but want to support our yurt endeavors? Sign up to regularly donate $5-50 a month and help us source the materials needed ... Read more

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Autonomous Yurt Union is raising funds to build yurt-inspired structures for unhoused community members across the Twin Cities. Yurts make winter in Minnesota survivable. With a wood stove and heavy duty tarp, yurts can make a life or death difference in sub-zero temperatures.

Material Costs:
  • Slats for walls and roof: $135
  • Plyboard center circle: $30
  • Five 2x4x8's for center supports and door: $20
  • Rope: $50
  • Hardware: $10
  • Barrel stove and stovepipe: $35
  • Large tarp: $120

Total cost per yurt: $400

We also intend to purchase a sawmill and table saw. With these tools, we can make wooden frames out of raw timber, reducing our building costs and our reliance on big lumber stores.

So far, we have built and erected around 50 yurts around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, with significant improvements to safety and quality of life for residents. More funds would allow us to deepen our existing support work and expand to other encampments across both cities.


Let’s get the ball rolling!

News from Autonomous Yurt Union

Updates on our activities and progress.

50+ Yurts up in the Twin Cities!

It's hard to keep track of exactly how many yurts we currently have up in the cities (due to all the taking them down, moving them, and putting them up again because of evictions) but we estimate we have over 50 yurts up! Thanks so much to...
Read more
Published on February 24, 2024 by Alex


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$10,052.64 USD

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$20,795.80 USD

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