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Open Collective
We hope this makes you smile.
Published on April 8, 2020 by Kay Ablamsky

You did it! In less than a week YOU have helped us raise over $2,500.

All of the money is going to help provide food, medicine, and other essential goods to families in need. We've even helped provide medical workers with PPE supplies and had a very successful clothing drive for a man released from prison into the uncertainty of the world today. 

We wanted to share with you a few testimonials from people we've been able to help in our community so far:

“This is awesome. Thank you for the help. I didn’t think it was true to [be able to] get help.” - Bushwick mother

“Just like every hospital in the city we have been drastically affected by the supply shortage and the nurses in the ICU will take any masks possible.” - Bushwick medical professional

“Thank you so much! Medea [their volunteer] is a gift from above!” - Bushwick resident 

“I want to thank you again, this time on behalf of Stephan, for all your help. He is so happy to be out of his state issued pants and jacket, and he loved the notes from his BK neighbours! It was just so, so lovely.” - Friend of man released from prison after 27 years

This is why we're doing this work, It's why you signed up to volunteer, It's why we must keep fundraising efforts going strong, and finally - It's why we have a goal of reaching $5,000 by the end of this week. 

To help us reach this goal, we ask that you simply pick from the social posts below and share out to your network: 

  1. In 6 days, I helped Bushwick Mutual Aid raise over $2,500 for the Bushwick community. Every dollar helps us to power smiles like this one, “Thank you so much! Medea [their bushwick mutual aid volunteer] is a gift from above.” #CoronaVirusNYC #MututalAid 
  2. “We have been drastically affected by the supply shortage. The nurses in the ICU will take any masks possible.” They asked and Bushwick Mutual Aid delivered. I donated, so they can continue to give back to our community in need: #CoronaVirusNYC #MututalAid
  3. Donating $50 to a #MutualAid group wasn’t what I had planned, but it’s what #Bushwick needs. Every $1 you donate goes directly to service & any surplus raised, you decide on use. Help me help my community: #CoronaVirus #Covid19 #CoronaVirusNYC 

Thank you for everything you've done so far! We are so excited about the massive difference you are helping us make in the lives of those affected by Covid-19 in Bushwick.


In solidarity,

Kristen & The Bushwick Mutual Aid Team