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Your Input Is Needed: A Bold New Program That Will Impact Hundreds of Neighbors
Published on July 16, 2020 by Kay Ablamsky

Happy Thursday, Friends! 

Introducing: BAM Community Partners

If you’re a business who donated, please fill out this quick survey. Not a Bushwick business, but you have friends who own, operate, or work for one? Please feel free to share the survey liberally. 

This survey details a program we're looking at kicking off over the next few weeks. It will invite local Bushwick businesses to become BAM Community Partners, asking them to make giving back to Bushwick a central part of their service. 

Before launch we want to be sure we’re aligned to the goals, values, and needs of local businesses. This is your chance to help define a bold new program that will impact hundreds of our neighbors.

An average 9.5/10 star rating from 70+ neighbors surveyed 

Recently surveyed homes gave us a 9.5/10 star rating for not only experience, but also food choices. We love making neighbors happy, so even more improvements are on the way:  

As of July 9th, Bushwick Ayuda Mutua will be doing one weekly delivery out of our amazing partner, Latinos Americanos Unidos! This is great news because: 

  • We’re able to financially commit a small, but routine donation to the space Latinos Americanos Unidos has graciously been lending us for the past 3+ months 
  • Neighbors no longer have to wait for delivery, but can pick up when convenient (other than essential deliveries to folx who are unable to leave their homes) 
  • This will allow us to potentially configure plans that will allow custom groceries based on household requests

The milestone we never thought we’d reach: over $100,000 raised! 

99.9% of donations from individual, small dollar donations from neighbors in the Bushwick community who know mutual aid is imperative to building equity. 

But, according to those surveyed, the food we’re providing only lasts 3-4 days and there are lots of other home necessities like toilet paper, diapers, and soap still needed. 

In order to grow operations we have put together new monthly goals our motivated fundraising team of 20+ is hoping to reach every month, sustainably:

  • $4,000 from individual donations (you & your networks can contribute!)
  • $11,000 from local businesses
  • $3,000 from other volunteer-led projects (facebook fundraisers, slack member challenges, selling skills like - yoga classes, videography, and more)

How can you help? Post these images to your social networks to spread the word, or email me at [email protected]  if you’d like to get involved directly with fundraising efforts. 

In Solidarity,