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Open Collective


Nous développons un générateur de document qui fait gagner des jours de travail aux développeurs.

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$700.00 USD



Transparent and open finances.


Debit from CarboneIO to Beer CSS

Contribution #720203

Debit from CarboneIO to Riot.js

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Our values

  • We believe in the power of our users. We embrace each feedback, different opinions, and approaches to build together. If you got an idea or questions, the support is available for you, carried out directly by the engineering team 🎉!
  • The world is our community. Our spirit is to make Carbone available and affordable for everyone. In addition, non-profit organizations 🐼 are greeted with a significant discount, and it is free for students!
  • Bring together diversity. We ensure people of diverse backgrounds feel welcome. They’ll be heard, championed, and supported to succeed. We hope you’ll join us.
  • Product excellence & innovation
    • We dare to build the unknown of efficiency.
    • We value future-proof by being adaptable to standards not yet known.
    • We ship sustainable software. Everything is tested at all levels to provide 100% backward compatibility.
    • We produce low-code solutions (and pretty soon no-code).
  • Open Source, our heart. Carbone software is built-in open-source philosophy. 60% of our codebase is on Github.
  • Security & Privacy. We carefully design products with the highest level of security to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. Privacy is a fundamental human right.
  • Philanthropy. 2% our revenues will go to charity in three domains: open source, environment, and education.

Those values are behaviors and skills we care about most. It defines who we are, how operate, promote, bring new ideas and how we solve problems. The more these values sound like you and describe people you want to work with, the more you will thrive at Carbone 🚀.

Our team