JS Getter-Setter Abstractions with Andre Staltz

An online workshop for the Scuttlebutt community

Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (UTC+02:00)


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What this workshop will cover: a first-principles guide into pull-streams, AsyncIterables, Observables, and others. This will be done starting from the basics, where you will be shown how getters and setters and callbacks are valid abstractions in JavaScript. This course aims at demystifying everything about asynchronous programming in JavaScript. In specific, pull-streams are abundant in the SSB stack of libraries in Node.js, and it's important to understand them. See a summary here.

Required prior knowledge: we assume you know some JavaScript to be productive in the language. You are familiar with callback-based code or Promise-based code, and you may have used array operators like array.map() a few times.

Teacher: Andre Staltz, who has taught JS async abstractions in workshops several times. This OpenCollective will pay Andre $150 for running the workshop.

Rough format: 90min video call with whiteboard and code examples screencast from my computer, and maybe one or two exercises if there is time.

Audience: Scuttlebutt contributors (community gardeners, artists, coders) are welcome to attend for free - the SSBC OpenCollective funds are there to grow the commons, and the people are the commons. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re a “contributor”.

People who don’t identify as contributors will be invited to koha to the OpenCollective - offer a gift of any size, in accordance with their means. This could be $0. Any amount helps acknowledge the gift that the host is offering, and will help future workshops happen.

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