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Providing free/subsidised tickets to attend FOSS Backstage Confreence 17-18th March 2022


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FOSS Backstage is a two-day event focused on community management and compliance in open source development. Read more about FOSS Backstage here

The event is hosted physically in Berlin and online globally (between 1-7.30pm UTC). The program for the event can be found here

FOSS Backstage provides FREE TICKETS to members of underrepresented communities through their Diversity and Inclusivity Program. Tickets are available direct from the organisers here:

We encourage projects to use their Collective budget to reimburse members of their community for events like these. Open Source Collective will cover the full/partial cost of attending for representatives of projects hosted by Open Source Collective. Please see the expenses policy when filing an expense for further details:

Expenses can only be filed for full/partial cost of event tickets from representatives of projects hosted by Open Source Collective who are unable to cover the cost of attendance from their own budget.
Please file expenses on behalf of your project by selecting your project as the payee, we will then transfer the corresponding amount to your project’s budget, which can then be used to reimburse individuals.

Tickets are otherwise EU35 for digital access. Attendees can register at Open Source Collective will cover up to 30 tickets to attend. 

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