Extremely secure and easy-to-use quantum-resistant encrypted messenger
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Extremely secure and easy-to-use quantum-resistant encrypted messenger

Cyph is a secure communication tool designed to be extremely friendly for users of any technical skill level, providing such features as video calling and file transfers to both individuals and businesses.

The major advantage of Cyph over alternatives is that it can run right in your browser. Having solved this problem (see #1 below) gives Cyph a uniquely smooth user onboarding experience — just open the website, no app install required — and also enables simple API integrations such as Hint's telehealth implementation through our cross-language SDK.

As to the level of security provided:

  1. The research that led to our patented in-browser code signing technology, WebSign, was validated by the security industry in the course of our successful talks at Black Hat 2016 and DEF CON 24. Before these talks, code signing a web application was considered an intractable problem — at the time precluding the web as a platform for secure communication.

  2. Cyph was audited by the pentesting firm Cure53 against a threat model focusing on nation-state-level attacks, who concluded, "Cyph provides security from a broad range of cryptographic attacks and very strong client-side crypto. The general conclusion of the test is that no major issues in regards to application security or cryptographic implementations could be spotted in spite of a thorough audit."

  3. In addition to strong confidentiality measures like end-to-end encryption, we're the only credible solution currently addressing the future threat of quantum computing — far beyond any present-day regulatory requirements like HIPAA, but worth covering our bases on given the NSA's announcement.


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