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Downham Solidarity Fund

mutual aid

Small cash grants for people in Downham Market PE38 9, no need to justify or explain.


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Welcome to the Downham Solidarity Fund. We help to ease the burden of the cost of living by helping to redistribute funds within the Downham Market community to those who need a little extra. We offer grants of up to £50 to those in Downham Market in need of financial support, with no need to justify or explain. 

Downham Solidarity Fund operates as mutual aid, a proven model which has a long history of helping people across the world. The approach of small no strings attached grants is used by the Red Cross in crisis situations. As mutual aid means the community is supporting the community, we rely on donations from individuals within the town to contribute to the fund. 


You can apply for a grant up to £50 from Downham Solidarity Fund, the only condition is that you live in Downham Market PE38 9 area. Only one grant is available per person each month. We ask for proof of address, which is ideally a photo of a document/letter with your name and address on, attach this when it asks you to 'Upload documentation'. Enter "grant request" as the title and description . Click here to request a grant.

Please note: We unfortunately must reject requests when we cannot provide the funds at the time of asking. This is to enable everyone to access the fund fairly, and to enable you to seek support elsewhere. Please feel free to put in the request again if you see we have money available. 


The fund relies on donations of unconditional solidarity from people like you. Donations go directly to people who need financial support, We are non-profit, run by entirely volunteers, and have no other expenses. Click here to donate to the fund.

Contact us on
[email protected] 


Become a financial contributor.

Financial Contributions

Custom contribution

For the cost of a (cheap) coffee once a month you can help sustain the solidarity fund.

Starts at
£2 GBP

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Custom contribution

Donating a bit more to help your neighbours, nice!

Starts at
£15 GBP

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Custom contribution
Fund a grant

Contributing £50 will directly fund a grant for someone in financial hardship.

Starts at
£50 GBP

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Custom contribution
Make a custom one-time or recurring contribution.

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Today's Balance
Estimated Monthly Budget
Support neighbours in need
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Transparent and open finances.

Contribution #758769
-£30.00 GBP
Grant #201033
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Today’s balance

£16.93 GBP

Total raised

£1,524.68 GBP

Total disbursed

£1,507.75 GBP

Estimated annual budget

£1,791.46 GBP


Let’s get the ball rolling!

News from Downham Solidarity Fund

Updates on our activities and progress.

Our First Year 🎂

Downham Solidarity Fund has been redistributing funds within Downham Market for a year!...
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Published on April 30, 2024 by Robert

3 Month Update 🎉

We've been providing grants for three months now, so it felt like time for a little update on how thing...
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Published on October 1, 2023 by Robert
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