Open Collective
Open Collective
Free fiscal sponsorship for all collectives related to solidarity in Ukraine
Published on February 28, 2022 by Jean-François De Hertogh

At OC Europe, we support freedom and equality for all human beings.

We have been inspired to see people coming together and showing their support to Ukraine all over the world. We would love to help. That is why we are removing our 6% fiscal sponsorship fee. So it will be free for all those collectives to receive and disburse money.
Join Open Collective today with your aid fund for the Ukrainian population and start collecting donations ASAP.
Please also join the #oc-europe Slack channel to help us to find the right networks to support in Ukraine.

"To live is to learn to love."
-Abbé Pierre


How to create a collective for a solidarity fund?

How to get your fiscal sponsorship fee removed?

Just reach out to us with an explanation of what your collective is going to do to help Ukraine.

=> [email protected]
=> Slack