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Climate Resilient Housing - Hawkes Bay

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A model of climate resilient, sustainable and community-led housing that meets future standards today.

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A model of climate resilient,...


Context - The problems facing housing in Aotearoa
  • Legacy of our current building approach - homes that predominantly resemble paper cups in terms of their performance and longevity
  • Housing crisis and lack of affordable homes, and new-build homes that will not be fit for the future
  • Climate impacts and carbon management - future standards and the pathway that has been set globally (but not communicated to the sector or public in NZ)
  • We are at a key transition point. There is low awareness of the looming change to building regulation and cost of retrofitting homes to meet 2030 standard
  • Build back better - there is a huge risk of saying this but repeating failures of the past. We need to advocate for building to future standards now
  • Rebuild programmes in Cyclone-affected areas of NZ and the risk of future extreme weather events and more displaced citizens and replacement housing needed
Our vision
A model of climate resilient, sustainable and community-led housing that meets future standards today
  • The Truss House model is:
    • A ‘new way’ for approaching housing in NZ that focuses on enabling the community to solve housing challenges in their locality, fit for their unique needs
    • The next evolution after development of the Truss House technology. It seeks to make the advantages of Truss available to everyone
    • Collaborative by design, and centres on transferring knowledge of the ‘new way’, enabling communities to adopt and evolve the model to become self-sustaining without reliance on Truss team
    • Designed to utilise existing local Truss manufacturing and supply chain networks, keeping investment in the regions where Truss Houses are built
  • The Truss House model isn’t:
    • Group Home building with a standard set of designs
    • Restrictive in the design and finishing elements - the model is as flexible as current building approaches
    • A way for Truss House to dominate the market or grow its brand - the goal is to promote adoption and to open up access to the model to benefit as many communities in as many territories as possible. Revenue is generated through a licence on each use of the Truss House model in the design software
Truss House Partnership and the goals

We seek to partner to pilot the new model in Hawke’s Bay to meet pressing housing challenges in the community. We hope to leverage the leadership, experience and community connections a local community partner has to identify and enable a relationship with a community/iwi partner who is open-minded and collaborative, and who will embrace the opportunity Truss House brings. We also believe a local community partner can bring relevant knowledge and experience to the table around how to set up and govern a partnership to deliver the model and achieve long term success for the community. It is clear that the two organisations share many goals and have similar visions for supporting community advancement.

We envisage that the partnership would have short term and longer term goals:

Short term goals (6-month timeframe)

Initial funding from would enable us to: 
  • Create a compelling story to convey the benefits of the model and help bring the vision to life. We acknowledge that the scale of change we seek to drive will require engagement from a huge number of stakeholders across a diverse group of industries and vantage points. We need the story to connect with each of them and inspire action. Includes a name for the approach and a project title for the pilot that signifies its importance

  • Develop a Theory of Change to create an accessible and robust explanation of the impact the new model seeks to achieve. This will help convince stakeholders to think beyond the narrow requirement of building houses, and focus on future horizons and related impacts. It will also provide a roadmap that links the longer term aspiration to the near term activities.

  • Design and build a prototype 60sqm house to weather-tight (cladding and windows) stage offsite. The prototype will be a touchstone that stakeholders can connect with, to help make the vision a reality, and to become a symbol of the partnership and model. The prototype will be able to be transported to a community site and used as a hub and training HQ. 

  • Engage with a preferred community partner and understand their vision, goals, needs, gaps and process/tikanga for effective partnership.

  • Launch the model to prospective partners and key stakeholders (community, local/central government, media, industry) and cement commitment to take the first partnership forward beyond the prototype. We hope to incorporate augmented reality to the launch to help communicate the benefits and demonstrate the flexibility of design, finishing and function (e.g for housing, schools, workspaces, accommodation etc)
 Please contact [email protected] for questions.




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