Open Collective NZ

Fiscal sponsor and fund-holder for kiwi projects, communities, and initiatives


We offer fiscal sponsorship (also known as auspicing) to positive impact groups and initiatives in New Zealand, like meetups, social movements, grassroots political groups, open source software projects, mutual aid societies, community projects, grant recipients, and social enterprises. 

If you are raising money, bringing in revenue, or going for a grant, but you don't have a legal entity and bank account set up for your project (and a lawyer and accountant giving you advice), you'll have to deal with some headaches and a lot of admin red tape. 

If you bring us in as your fund-holder instead, we'll take care of taxes, accounting, reporting, liability, payment processing, generating receipts and invoices for your funders, and more. Meaning instead of doing admin, you can spend more time focused on the important mission of your project!

We provide your initiative with a Collective page, with great features for crowdfunding, budget transparency, community engagement, updating your supporters, and managing expenses.

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We are fiscally hosting 5 Collectives

EHF Community


Host since September 2020

4 contributors

Pohatu Whānau


Host since August 2020

1 contributor

Host since August 2020



Host since September 2020

Host since September 2020



Host since September 2020

Open Collective


Financial Contributor since September 2020

Amount contributed $25


See how money openly circulates through Open Collective NZ. All contributions and all expenses are published in our transparent public ledger. Learn who is donating, how much, where is that money going, submit expenses, get reimbursed and more!

Collective onboarding lunch

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Coffee with advisor

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