Open Collective NZ

Fiscal sponsor for NZ projects making a positive impact


We offer fiscal sponsorship / auspicing to meetups, social movements, grassroots political groups, open source software projects, mutual aid societies, community groups—all kinds of collaborative efforts that care about transparency and need someone to take care of the admin so they can keep focused on their mission.


See how money openly circulates through Open Collective NZ. All contributions and all expenses are published in our transparent public ledger. Learn who is donating, how much, where is that money going, submit expenses, get reimbursed and more!


Startup Grant

from Open Collective Inc6/23/2020

-NZ$162.04 NZD

Today’s balance

NZ$3,167.56 NZD

Estimated annual budget

~ NZ$3,167.56 NZD

Core contributors