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We develop an open source freely available Discord bot used for gaining insights into your music history.

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Last.fm discord :drakeyes:


 .fmbot is an open-sourced bot used for accessing statistics from last.fm.

We created this OpenCollective so we can professionalize our bot hosting while still remaining fully open and transparent about any financial contributions. Currently, the bot is hosted at Frikandel's parents' house, which can be unreliable and is hard to upgrade.

The bot is slowly starting to grow more and more, so we also realized a home server wasn't good enough to deal with a bot of this scale. On average 40 new servers add .fmbot each day, which means we'd have twice the CPU and memory load we're having now in 4 to 5 months.

New features that might be coming in the future (for example a web dashboard or an API) also need better hosting and aren't recommended to be hosted from a home server.

So that's why we want to switch to hosting that's more reliable, faster, has backups and 99,99% uptime. This is however pretty expensive, which is why we have created this collective. All contributions will only go towards bot expenses.

Also, we want to emphasize that we will never lock features or certain command behind a paywall. The only exception to this being is that you get to add custom emoji behind your name (coming soon™).
.fmbot will always stay completely free and open source.