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Fort Pickett - Afghan Resettlement Response has been archived.

Fort Pickett - Afghan Resettlement Response has been archived and is no longer active.

Fort Pickett - Afghan Resettlement Response


Distribute Aid USA is compiling cross-base needs reports and helping communities & companies contribute to Operation Allies Welcome at Fort Pickett.


Fort Pickett - Afghan Resettlement Response is all of us

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Support Distribute Aid's vital work in the USA, helping Afghan families going through the US resettlement programme. 

As the year comes to an end, people around the world come together to spend time with friends and families in our homes. However, not everyone has the same opportunity for stability and safety, and that is particularly pertinent this year for families from Afghanistan. Distribute Aid is working within Fort Pickett to help manage a range of projects for families from Afghanistan being resettled in the USA. These include language classes, a woman's space, legal support, and various hobbies and sports sessions! We are managing all physical incoming donations to the base - which is currently over 1.3 million items! Please donate today to support our work!

Since 2019, Distribute Aid has helped to ensure that tens of thousands of Afghan Refugees, and hundreds of thousands of displaced and houseless people generally, across Europe have received vital aid. In 2021, we began working in the USA, where we have been supporting their Afghan resettlement project. Our core projects include running needs assessments for the activities at the base. These enable targeted collections and allow activities for the families there to continue in a sustainable manner. We are also implementing aid standards for collection and distribution which ensure items such as clothing are of a high and consistent standard so all of the beneficiaries receive good quality, suitable clothing! Beyond this, we have facilitated (and will continue to facilitate) in-kind donations from larger partners. By doing this, we ensure items such as sports equipment, school supplies, and the basic necessities for stable infrastructure are available for the people who need them!

All funds donated through this page will go directly towards buying supplies or paying for the shipping of donated goods. Distribute Aid covers its administrative and team costs through other means.

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News from Fort Pickett - Afghan Resettlement Response

Updates on our activities and progress.

Project Impact & Conclusion

This month we want to share an in-depth view of the distributions we made earlier this year in the United States: Our project at Fort Pickett concluded very successfully serving over 10,000 Afghan guests. Around 45% of them were children an...
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Published on May 10, 2022 by Taylor Fairbank

Providing Continued Resettlement Support: Aid Shipment to Omaha, NB

Last week we were extremely happy to be able to support Omaha Autonomous Action (OAA) with an aid delivery! In total, they received almost 40,000 items to support the local community in Omaha. All hands on deck! Omaha Autonomous Ac...
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Published on February 24, 2022 by Taylor Fairbank

Providing Continued Resettlement Support: Aid Shipment to Atlanta, GA

Last week we were able to support our fellow collective, ATL Survival in Atlanta, Georgia, with essentials for their community. ALT Survival supports marginalized and underprivileged commun...
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Published on February 23, 2022 by Taylor Fairbank