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Generate github profile README easily with latest add-ons like visitors count, github stats, etc using minimal UI.


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GitHub Profile README Generator

Tired of editing GitHub Profile README with new features?
This tool provides an easy way to create a GitHub profile readme with the latest add-ons such as `visitors count`, `GitHub stats`, etc.

🚀 Demo 

🧐 Features
Just fill in the details such as `Name`, `Tagline`, `Dev Platforms Username`, `Current Work`, `Portfolio`, `Blog`, etc. with a minimal UI.

  • Uniform Dev Icons
  • Uniform Social Icons
  • Visitors Counter Badge
  • GitHub Profile Stats Card
  • GitHub Top Skills
  • Dynamic Dev(.)to Blogs(GitHub Action)
  • Dynamic Medium Blogs(GitHub Action)
  • Dynamic Personal Blogs from RSS Feed(GitHub Action)
  • Wakatime Stats
  • YouTube Stats

 🍰 Contributing
Please contribute using [GitHub Flow]( Create a branch, add commits, and [open a pull request](

## 💻 Built with
- [Tailwind CSS]( for styling
- [GSAP]( for small SVG Animations

## 🙇 Special Thanks
- [Anurag Hazra]( for amazing [github-readme-stats](
- [Anton Komarev]( for super cool [github-profile-views-counter](
- [Gautam Krishna R]( for the awesome [blog post workflow](
- [Julien Monty]( for super useful [devicon](

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