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we offer services for creation of visual identity, digital media & illustrations


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Our resident graphic designers are 

Anna Denardin

For the last 6 years I have been adventuring as an illustrator and graphic designer researching possible ways to weave networks of  mutual  prosperity  between  humans  and  nature.  I  seek  to create  disruptive  alternatives  that  help  in  the  transition  of  the perception  of  our  role  in  the  planet,  having  already  had  the incredible  opportunity  to  colaborate  with  clients  over  3 continents and participate in collective artistic exhibitions in Latin America, Asia, Russia and Europe.

I  am  also  activator  of  networks  in  Latin  America  of  the  Global Regeneration  Colab  and  cofounder  of  Possible  Futures,  where  I co-develop  strategies  to  give  voice  to  regenerative  narratives 
from  the  Global  South,  and  Estudio  Lus  a  brazilian  design  and architecture company.

see my
portfolio here.

Esther Joy Sherry

As a freelance Interaction Designer, Creating simple stuff that serve a joyful purpose is my passion. I enjoy creating practical pieces for purposeful projects— from physical to digital and everything in between, Finding a way to combine the spiritual art of visual communication to optimize the overall user experience is my prime focus of any project.

My passion for learning new mediums to create better experiences is always expanding as I am open to all forms of creation. Currently I am finishing my last year (2023) at Farmingdale State College for a bachelors degree of science in Interaction Design and minor in English and am developing a sustainable branding agency to launch upon graduation.

My goal is to help humans heal the planet through holistic means. You can find my work here ~

This team is open for new members so if you are a freelance graphic designer looking for adhoc opportunities please do get in touch with the Digital Circle.

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