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More than 160,000 people use I Done This’s easy daily check-ins and powerful progress reports to run more effective and productive teams.

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Hi. This is the open collective profile of I Done This. We are a company based in San Francisco.

We are committing $500/month to support open source projects. This money will be distributed to the open source collectives with a priority to the projects that we particularly love and use (see the list below).

We couldn't build I Done This without open source. Here is a list of open source software that we use and love. We created this open collective to support the open source community so that more startups like us will be able to exist and create amazing tools.

We believe that software can empower employees to build the company that they want to work and live in. I Done This makes it easy to track and celebrate the progress that you make at work every day. We email you at day's end and ask, "What'd you get done today?" Just reply. The next morning, you'll get a digest that shows you the team's accomplishments from yesterday. Start a conversation and share your thanks.

Our approach is to build software that you don't have to remember to use. We're focused on keeping it simple and lightweight, because software should amplify what you get done, not get in the way. We make design decisions based on customer feedback & data, social science, and our gut.

iDoneThis was part of AngelPad #3 in 2011.

Projects that are some of our favorites:

Open source languages we use

Open source tools we use

Open source code we use

Note: This is only listing direct dependencies, there are thousands and thousands of transitive dependencies.




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