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React Toolbox is a project intended to ship the best Material Design components for React. It is focused on the following principles:

  • Quality over quantity: we prefer to develop a bunch components close to perfection than a lot of unmaintainable buggy components.
  • Pixel perfection: every component should be nailed to the spec. We pay attention to every single detail at both visual and interaction levels.
  • Flexibility: components will be as decoupled as possible from opinionated styling libraries/tools. They should be easy to theme and customize.
  • Easy adoption: the project should be integrated as easy as technology permits. The adoption has to be unobtrusive in a consumer project avoiding boilerplate.
  • Exhaustive testing: every component will be intensively tested, keeping priority of testing tasks and code coverage on top.

We want to create the perfect library of components, help us out!


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